So much can be learned from autism. Our behaviours show people a new way of being. We are not ordinary. We are unique creative intelligent diverse range of people.We are not afraid of forging into the unknown with our ideas and visions.

If you are newly diagnosed or want to learn more about autism from an autistic then I have a lot I can share with you. One of the well known behaviours that affect autistics is sensory processing disorder and also auditory processing disorder

Both of these can affect the daily interactions that an autistic has, myself included. Noises seem louder, touch feels aggressive/uncomfortable and smells and tastes can be overwhelming.Not to mention bright lights or bright sunshine. Try putting yourself in the shoes of an autistic who is constantly being bombarded through incorrect processing of the senses. It is not a brief episode but an 24 hours a day seven days a week kind of thing. We are never free of feeling overwhelmed.And by feeling overwhelmed, it can affect our interactions with people. Because we are overwhelmed to begin with, miscommunications can happen or tempers flare or anxiety persists. It may often make the person interacting with an autistic feel like it’s their fault or that person is having a bad day ect. But the experiences of an autistic are very real and cannot be eliminated. They are always present with us no matter how we may try to shut them out. On the upside of our distress from our sensory issues, we have a lot we can offer. We are intelligent, creative, inventive. We look for new ways of doing things. We are unstoppable. We get immersed in our interests and these interests can lead to creative outlets for us.Or a way to get our minds off of how overwhelmed we feel by our sensations.

There is also the issue of masking which most autistics learn as a coping strategy. There are articles throughout my blog which explains why I mask and how it helps. Sometimes I use masking to cope with that robotic type of feeling that I have as an autistic where it becomes hard for me to respond naturally to others social interactions with me. It is much harder for me to process these kinds of situations and I sometimes feel like a robot where I just have to manually make myself fit in even though I might not be aware of what is taking place socially. This is where masking comes it. It makes these kinds of situations more bearable and more natural. Masking is something I do when I may not understand everything that is going on around me with others so I try and act natural. It is like “go with the flow ” type of behaviour that is more learned instead of just acting natural the way most neurotypicals do.

There are so many behaviours that an autistic may have that may appear weird or strange but for us it’s totally natural. These behaviors are our way of being and this is who we are. You cannot take the behaviour away from an autistic.